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Welcome to Flotsm, a simple, fun but powerful way to make better decisions.

Anonymously ask users for help with the decisions you face…
Anonymously help other users with the decisions they face

Every Flotsm user is anonymous, so there are no constraints of public and professional persona.
Every Flotsm user is equal, free to ask and answer with bold confidence and unlimited reach.

Whether it be fun decisions, such as:
‘What colour socks should I wear, red or blue?’

To the serious, such as:
‘What would you do if faced with this?’

It’s simple to send your own Flotsm:
– Compose your Flotsm question
– Add multiple choice answer options


– Add your photo and send

michael buble

– Get instant responses from fellow Flotsm users and notifications if you wish

It’s also simple to help others with their Flotsm:
– Browse all Flotsm being floated

iPhone 7 Plus

– See what’s new, hot and nearby
– Tap which answer you feel is correct and see what everyone else thinks
– Get notifications when Flotsm creators make their decisions

With powerful features to add insight and relevancy:
– Target Flotsm questions by age, gender and location
– Filter Flotsm responses by age, gender and location
– Search and follow the topics that you love (fashion, food, travel, etc)

Flotsm is completely free with no advertising. Follow @floatFlotsm on Twitter for tips and news.


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