Focus! – Can You Tell Them Apart? | Best Apps and Games 14 July,2018

Focus! – Can You Tell Them Apart?

Can you tell apart your colors from your letters and shapes? Can you really?

In this exciting new challenge, your impulses will be tested unlike ever before. The real challenge is beating the question clock and the only way to survive is to focus!

Do not be afraid. This is just like what you did in daycare. On steroids.

Just a few colors, letters and shapes… Rack up your points per level and get faster with every new attempt!

Challenge your friends and see who gets the better score!

Woosah, my friends. May the odds… you know. Good luck!


serena williams

Frustrations may get high. Like, really high. But this should pass. Most likely.

– New option to get rid of full-screen ads

iPhone 6s

– Bug fixes on leaderboards and achievements


– Added leaderboards

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iPhone 7 Plus