Focus Timer : Beyond Pomodoro | Best Apps and Games 19 February,2018

Focus Timer : Beyond Pomodoro

##### Free till November #####

FocusTimer is simple and powerful ‘Focus Management Tool’. 

■ Easy Measuring
You can measure your focus very easily. The only thing you need to do is putting your iphone face down. 

■ Make Focus Habit

iPhone 7 Plus

You can enhance your focusability and make focus habit. Alarm timer will help you focus more.

■ Analyze and Manage
Chart/statistics on focus data will help you understand your focus pattern and manage it. 

Thank you for using FocusTimer. 

danny garcia

Enjoy your focus!

For any issues and questions, please contact us through [email protected]
※ English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese language are supported

▪ support for iOS 9
▪ New Feature #1 : Focus Dashboard
– You can monitor your focus habit including average focus time, cumulative focus time, idle time and focus rate(=focus time/total engaged time)


▪ New Feature #2 : Daily, Weekly, Monthly History Mode
– You can enjoy various granualrities of focus history
▪ UX improvements
▪ Bug fixes & Design improvements

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