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IMPORTANT: The Foldr server software is *REQUIRED* for this application to work, it does not provide access without it.

Foldr for iOS is the free addition to the Foldr server software enabling effective access to your existing network shares and files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Integrate iOS devices into an Active Directory environment, quickly and easily.
Also works with Open Directory, OpenLDAP and share-level authentication.
VPN-less remote file access from any device – makes BYOD a reality.
Get things done quickly. With Foldr you can present all home directories and other shares on your network to your users in minutes.


Respects the underlying permissions of your network. Read only access through Foldr can be enforced if required.
Upload to the network from either local storage on your device or the Camera Roll.

iPhone 7

Markup and annotate PDF documents – great for providing feedback.
Search inside long PDF documents.
Take your files with you and save money on printing by adding them to your favourites.
Send a file from any compatible iOS app to Foldr, making your workflow seamless. No need for email or other cumbersome solutions.
Create short URL links to any file on your network using either private or public mode (configurable per share).
Enable pin or complex pass code security on the Foldr app protecting your network data and locally stored files.
Shared mode removes security lock features, useful for education environments with pool devices. App mode can be configured with provisioning profiles for mass deployment of the Foldr app.

Foldr 2.3 features an all-new Share Extension allowing you to upload photos and video directly from the Photos App. You can also save files to Foldr from other apps without launching Foldr. We’ve also added in the ability to sort files and folders by name, date and type and an all-new quick action menu accessed by swiping on a file or folder. There are also new security features to let you know whether the server you are using is trusted as well as the usual enhancements and fixes.

New features in 2.3:
– Share Extension, upload directly to Foldr from almost any app including Photos.
– Swipe right on files or folders to quickly rename, share or delete.
– Sort files and folders by name, kind and date and quickly scroll through them to find the file you need.
– ‘Favourites’ has become ‘My Device’. Don’t worry, all of your files will still be there.
– An all-new information bar tells you at a glance whether your server certificate is trusted or not.
– You can now disable certificate prompts – great for administrators deploying devices for internal use only.
– Support for splitview mode on the iPhone 6 plus.
– Editing tools for whiteboards are now enabled by default.
– Whiteboards can now be sent to other apps.

Fixes in 2.3:
– Fixed a bug which could cause screen corruption when launching in portrait orientation on the iPhone 6 plus.
– Fixed a bug which could cause the ‘Move’ button in the document picker to be hidden.
– Fixed an issue when accessing Foldr through certain reverse proxies.
– Fixed a bug which could cause duplication in "My Recent Files" when a file has a ‘+’ symbol in it’s path.
– Disallowed certain illegal characters when creating new folders.
– Fixed an issue which could prevent video files from playing when connected to a server with an untrusted certificate.


– Improved image panning and rotation when previewing.

New features in 2.2:
– Enable Thumbnails in settings to see previews of images and PDFs without having to open them.
– Updated image and video upload. Shoot amazing slow motion videos on your iDevice and upload them to Foldr.

Fixes in 2.2:
– Fixed a bug which could prevent the document picker extension working in iOS 8.3.
– Fixed a caching bug which meant that PDF annotations could appear to be saved into an original file when saving a copy.
– Fixed a bug which could prevent thumbnails from displaying correctly in "My Recent Files".
– Fixed a crash when sharing media files from the app.
– Fixed a bug which would prevent files from downloading if there was a ‘+’ symbol in the path.

Fixes in 2.1.2:
– Fixes a bug which could cause a blank screen when connecting to a Foldr appliance with a self-signed certificate.
– Fixes a bug which could cause the app to crash if the last account is deleted.


– Minor interface tweaks.

Fixes in 2.1.1:
– Fixes a bug when updating from 2.0 which could cause your account settings to be lost.

New features in 2.1:
– iOS 8 Document Provider Extension – access and edit all of your files without leaving compatible apps such as iWork.
– Upload files from other apps which provide extensions within the Foldr app.
– Secure your data with your fingerprint using Touch ID (on compatible devices).
– Recent files view – quickly switch between your recent documents. (Not available in ‘Shared Mode’).
– New menu system makes it quicker to get things done.
– Select multiple folders & files for moving or deleting.
– Redesigned user guide and help system.
MDM control. Use Managed App Configuration to control the server address, app mode and security settings.
– Intelligent caching makes accessing frequently accessed files MUCH faster.
– iPhone 6 support.

Fixes in 2.1:
– Improved PDF conversion.
– Whiteboard mode now supports portrait and landscape in iOS 8.
– Fixed a bug which could cause the app to crash when choosing ‘Open In’ with a large document.
– Fixed a bug which could cause the app to crash when selecting images from Photo Stream.
– Various interface fixes.

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