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Followed User Cleaner (for Twitter)

TL;DR … Goes through the Twitter users that you’re following, presents each of their feeds (one at a time), and gives you the option to unfollow that user. The App remembers your position in reviewing your followed users even when it is quit or backgrounded so that you can resume at any time. Efficiently clean up your Twitter "Home" feed! (not your own personal feed)

Sometimes I follow someone on Twitter for fun. Sometimes I follow them in good faith, or because they have a lot of followers already. Regardless of subscriptions’ origins, it’s important to clean out your Twitter followings every so often! — Full iPad + Retina support. Casually surf through your subscriptions, and resume where you left off the next time the App opens.

This App enables you to flip through individual users in your Twitter feed and decide whether or not to unfollow them. Actually unfollowing them is easy, using the red "unfollow" button on the toolbar. The user is actually after confirming "yes" or "no", and you are automatically moved to the next profile afterward. An option to return to the "previous profile" is found in the menu.

Only a single user is ever unfollowed at a time, and no other API-based changes are ever made to your Twitter account. There is no chance of data destruction or damage unless your phone falls into the hands of someone who sits there and unfollows a bunch of users without telling you!

The App saves its state when backgrounded, so you can pickup wherever you left off in your follower list as soon it’s opened, tomorrow or a month from now. You will not need to start over. When you reach the end of the list, it loops back to the beginning. Your follower list is updated each day the App is opened, and your progress is visible in the top bar of the App.

This tool is a great way to clean up your daily feed of "Tweets" from other users!

– Fixes an issue where you may be prompted to download the Twitter Mobile App when first using this App.

iPhone 7

– Added a reminder to rate the App after using it a few times. Thanks!



iPhone 6s

– Bug fixes!

iPhone 6s Plus

– Updated to support iOS 7 GUI.

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