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Fontmania – Add Artworks, Text Captions, and Typography Designs to Your Photos!

Optimized for iOS 9. Featured in "Best new apps" on the App Store in 36 countries!

Let your photos speak! Fontmania is a great typography app that will turn your photos or pics into inspirational images, greeting or love cards which are so easy to share right from the app!

The app provides a vast collection of unique artworks and handpicked fonts as well as a variety of customization options for all the creative bits you add to your pics. Enrich your photos in an artistic way!

Use hashtag #Fontmania for Instagram posts to share your art with the community and your photos might get featured on @fontmania.

With Fontmania you can:
– make personalized pics that will stand out your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter posts;
– create unique images with inspirational, wise or funny quotes and sayings;
– design greeting cards;
– sign your memorable photos;
– make memes;

iPhone 6s

– combine image and text and create exclusive wallpapers for your screen;
– add quick notes and comments for any occasion;
– compose any other image that needs some stylish text on it.
By adding captions you can even change the entire meaning of your photos.

Fontmania is simple & fast! Here’s how to use it:
1. Choose from existing photos or take a new one. Scale or crop it. Enhance it with a filter right in the app.
2. Add text and choose the best font for it or select an artwork from a collection.
3. Customize your art by applying color, opacity and shadow options.

iOS 8

4. Edit it: manually change size, position and tilt, choose alignment for a text.

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5. Save or share it via Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, iMessage or any other social network and messenger.

No more dull pics or texts! Give free play to your sense of creativity and share the result with your friends!

– A great collection of artworks & graphics to complement your photos!

iOS 9

– Added a set of stunning filters: enhance your photos right in the app.
– Positioning and resizing of captions and artworks has become smooth and easy!
– A wider color range for your texts, a quicker way to delete existing captions. Also Opacity and Shadow features to make your text and artworks more distinct or subtle.
– New icon and improved, brighter app design!

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