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Forge – Build Your Ideas: Collect. Organize. Explore.


Great design starts with brainstorming inspiration, notes, and sketches. Forge is a visual brainstorming tool for your iPad. Collect inspiration, organize ideas on project walls and create sketches to build concepts, storyboards, moodboards and more


Organize, arrange and synthesize your notes and concepts at the wall. Then, step back to examine your progress and find patterns to discover the best solutions.

Pull In Inspiration – Import your favorite photos, sketches and visual notes from Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, Camera Roll and other iPad apps.

Explore Ideas – Keep your workflow fast and fluid: arrange images, sort and discard sketches and move between project and wall views with ease.

Push Out Solutions – Export ideas from your Wall to share on social media or move them to your desktop and mobile applications to apply the finishing touches.


Create and shape your ideas with all the essential tools. Sketch out concepts, put down notes, annotate over images and crank through drafts to push your ideas ahead.

Sketch & Write – Choose from a selection of expressive brushes for drawing and writing. Easily adjust line radius and create strokes naturally to bring your ideas to life.

Smart Zoom – A simple gesture lets you zoom in to see a scaled grid background for better control over the finest details.

Layer & Copy – Instinctive layering functions offer the control to add, re-arrange, merge, and adjust opacity with ease. Quickly copy the best layers to take with you and discard the rest.


Share your ideas on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #BuildWithForge

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