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FormMate™ enables you to fill out pdf forms and generate new pdf files with your modifications electronically.

It is a very simple process to open up a pdf, add text data or images (such as your signature or a check mark, etc.). You can then print, fax or save the resulting pdf to disk.

FormMate™ "references" the pdf. It does not modify the original pdf in any way. The resulting file is a pdf that references the original pdf with overlaid changes.

– Ability to include the pdf in the file (for portability to other computers) or reference the pdf to save space.

MacBook Pro

– Unlimited scaling capabilities, for precise alignment of your inputs.
– "QuickCells" is a great new way to quickly and easily add text and images that you need frequently in your documents, such as your name, address, signature, check boxes, etc.

9 news

iMac '27

Mac Pro

– Tools are included for easy and precise layout and alignment of your data.
– Continuous scrolling allows you to quickly view an entire document.
– Thumbnails are available for quick navigation.
– You can easily differentiate the data that you have added to the original pdf.

Fixed alignment issues that appeared with El Capitan.

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