Free iMusic Player – Playlist Manager | Best Apps and Games 7 December,2017

Free iMusic Player – Playlist Manager

√ Fully supports iPhone and iPad versions! iOS 8+
-Background music mode


√ File Manager
-Folder manager
-Search by file name, video title, duration, singer/actor.
-Move files in a folder, from one folder to another, delete files.


-Add files to playlist and to player.
-Add folders to playlist and to player.
-Play file in File Manager.

√Media Player
–Fully functional music player
-Album covers

iPhone 6s Plus

-Ability to view song lyrics
-Repeat and random selection modes

kate fischer

-High-precision slider for rewinding songs

-Create playlist from the list of songs in the player
-Add files from the playlist to the existing playlist
-Display and change the rating of a song from the player

√ Library
-Tag editor
-Song lyrics editor
-Song ratings like in iTunes

-Smart playlists similar to iPod playlists- Last added, Last played, Top rated, 25 Most Played Songs.
-Full synchronization with music from the iPod library
-Songs, Albums, Singers, Genres tabs
-Search by songs, albums, singers, genres

-Ability to ban downloading files in 3G mode

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