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Free Music – Mp3 Player & Media File Manager

Tubic is one of the most enjoyable music video streamer which facilitates lightning-fast music streaming and valuable experience.

Tubic enables you to explore, find and catch up with your favorite channels with the world’s music in YouTube’s massive music catalog more easily than any other app available. Everything is possible!


▸ Quickly update high quality music videos of all genres

▸ Seamlessly stream featured and popular music videos

▸ Create, customize and manage your streaming playlists

▸ Background playback, lock screen controls and track info

▸ Search for music by playlist, song, album or artist

▸ Intuitive user interface which fully supports all iPhone and iPad screen sizes

▸ Choose default video quality and search options

***IMPORTANT NOTE: This app provides users with video streaming service only. It does not and will never include any video download features or any related functionality.

• Tubic is getting better in time

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