Free Music Player – Shiny Music | Best Apps and Games 26 May,2018

Free Music Player – Shiny Music

100% Free! No Play Limit!

With this app, you will be able to quickly search, and play your favorite music. Simple user interface, easy to operate, just a free music feast without any waiting.

1. Powerful search capabilities. Search and discover your favorite musics through SoundCloud.
2. All music genres from LastFM. Find those best musics of a certain genre.
3. Quick audio preview.

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4. Providing music-list manager, browse and manage all musics.
5. Player, small but full-featured, background play, lock screen controls. Provide easy to use playlist, add, delete, modify, arbitrary.

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6. Music source can be switched through the search and classification interface. Or you can do it in the settings interface.

iPhone 7

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7. Share your favorite songs to best friends.

NOTE: The Application uses SoundCloud® API and plays only the songs which is officially allowed by the artists of SoundCloud® and hence respects their terms of use and copyrights policies.

Fix the bug of failing to play music normally.

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