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Free SMS

NEW Update that adds international support, we now support some carriers in: Canada, United Kingdom(England), and Phillipines.

IMPORTANT NOTE: please enter the phone number as you would in that country, i.e. don’t put in the country code, just dial it as if you would be in that country:

i.e. United states: full 10 digit number: 5556667777 would be (555) 666-7777

Don’t be fooled by all the imitators out there, all the guys in the top 25 got their design from our app!!!

Does your provider charge unbelievable amounts of money for text messaging? I know mine does!! With this application you can send text messages for free to anybody in the Continental United States! It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

1. Setup your email account(can be any account, not just gmail like some other "free" sms providers.

2. Choose a contact to send a message to and choose their cell phone provider.

3. Type your message and click send!!!

Another great advantage Free SMS has over it’s competitors is support for LANDSCAPE text messaging. It’s a whole lot easier to type on the wide keyboard than the narrow one!

When the person you are sending the message replies, it comes straight back to your email! So if you have that email setup on your iPhone(and why wouldn’t you??), it will come straight to you. Here is the best part though, once the person responds and you get an email, you just respond to that email and the other person gets another text message and you don’t get charged! Start your conversation with Free SMS and you won’t pay for a single text message you send out!

Please email us with any questions about different providers or if you are having trouble getting your email settings to work correctly. Always look for the SMTP/POP settings for your email provider.

IF YOU ARE GETTING CANNOT CONNECT TO SERVER, your settings are WRONG for your email account. Please contact support, don’t just write a bad review b/c you can’t get the app to work, I PROMISE IT WORKS, I USE IT EVERYDAY. All you have to do is get the email settings setup correctly and it will work!

Also, i’m not sure why some of the reviewers are saying it doesn’t work on iPod Touch? I have a touch and have tested it on there, as long as you have a WIFI connection with the touch, it works just like it does on the iPhone??? I wish you would contact support! With over 3600 apps sold, i’ve only received less than 100 requests for support and got all of them working quickly!

Responses to Reviews:

royals vs blue jays

iOS 9

"You have to go back and fourth and back and fourth from email and the app. it gets so annoying".

Clearly stated in the app description that once you get an email back, you can just respond to that email and it will send another text back to the other person.

"Can they make an update for ipod touch"

No update is needed it already works on ipod touch, your settings are probably incorrect, please contact support if you are having issues.

Carriers Supported:

USA: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Alltel, Virgin Mobile, US Cellular, Boost Mobile, Nextel, Cricket, Helio, MetroPCS, MobiPCS, Qwest, Cincinnati Bell, Alaska Comm Sys, Cellular South, Tracfone

CAN: Rogers, Bell Mobility, Fideo, Virgin Mobile, Telus Mobility, Koodo

U.K.: Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, O2

Phillipines: Smart Telecom

-bug fix for iOS 5 issue

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