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FreeVPN Plus Unlimited Free VPN Proxy

FreeVPN Plus, best free VPN proxy. It is using enterprise VPN technologies to protect individual users. It has amazing speed, security and ease of use. And, FreeVPN Plus is unlimited free.

FreeVPN Plus is also purely anonymous, users DO NOT need to sign up and login to use this VPN service.

With FreeVPN Plus, you will be able to
– Protect online privacy

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– Avoid being monitored by WiFi hotspots
– Get more contents

# FreeVPN Plus is enterprise VPN

Starting from macOS 10.11, Apple allows third party developers to build more powerful VPN solution than the traditional “Personal VPN” solutions including L2TP, Cisco IPSec and IKEv2.

Apple calls this technology Enterprise VPN, or Network Extension Tunnel Provider.

FreeVPN Plus is such kind of thing. It defines its own protocol, and makes VPN faster and more secure.

# Protect online privacy

Using VPN (virtual private network) technology, all user data can be encrypted, including web browsing in any browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc), file download, email, chat, game, online banking service, and so on.

Your IP address is also changed when VPN is turned on. This gives you additional protection against geo-location trackers.

# Avoid being monitored by WiFi hotspots

Most WiFi routers have the capability to analysing user traffic, for example, which site you are accessing right now, how many minutes you spend every day on a particular web service.

FreeVPN Plus can not only encrypt your traffic, but also hide everything about your online activities as well.

# Get more contents

As you may know many services are only available to domestic users. Even though you are subscriber of such service, you will not be able to access those contents when you are abroad.

With FreeVPN Plus, you can virtually come back, and thus get those contents without restriction.

Also you can get more contents hosting in foreign countries.

# FreeVPN using Personal VPN technology

We also build another macOS VPN app based on personal VPN technology.

If you would like to experience the difference, take a look at this one:

Both apps have the same user experience, the only difference is on the VPN protocol.

# Contact and support

For any question, feel free to contact [email protected]

More VPN products on our website:

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Let’s make FreeVPN the best free vpn together.

Thanks for choosing FreeVPN. We update this app and its backend service continuously to make it perfect.

This update:

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1. Fixed a severe issue which could cause app crash.


2. Minor changes on the user interface.

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