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FriendCaller HD Video Chat

• FriendCaller has now introduced Public / Private Key encryption


• Free cross-platform, multi-party Video Chat and Rich Media Messaging
FREE Video Calls, Voice Calls, Video conferencing, Group Calls, Group Messaging with Texting/SMS to anyone, in one app!
• Get your own phone number and receive FREE incoming calls and Texts.


iOS 8.1

• Works as well with any desktop browser. Instant access from your PC or Mac browser with no installation needed.
• Group Video Calls on iPhone, iPod, iPad and other smart phones now with 7 Video and 20 Voice participants
• Rich Messaging feature available for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Send images, videos, animations, voice and video messages to your friends. You can even send your location information.

FriendCaller-to-FriendCaller Calls, Video Calls, Group Calls including Group Video Calling and Group Chat with instant messaging are all FREE. Only calling out to phone numbers is charged at a low rate. You can watch cool video clips or download apps to earn free calling out minutes.

FriendCaller for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad is FREE to download and works over 3G/4G and WiFi. FriendCaller can also be used at home on your PC or Mac browser. Browser access does not require any installation. The only mobile app yet to support Group Video Calling on iOS with the ability to support Seven participants for a Group Video Call and empowering a voice communication of Twenty more to join in the conversation group, all at the same time.

Earn credits to get your own phone number and turn your iPod or iPad into a phone with Caller-ID. Only one minute of video watching to get a free number!

FREE unlimited text! (For a limited time) Though texting anyone in the US is for FREE from FriendCaller phone number.

Getting started cannot be easier: Use your Facebook account for instant access. Or, simply register with your email address and get ready for making Free Group Calls and experience Real Group Video Calling on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

What makes FriendCaller special?
It’s the only app that comes with Video Calls, Voice Calls, Group Calls, Group Video Calls with Group Chat, Texting/SMS, a real phone number and it works as well on your browser. Supports first-ever Group Video Calling on iOS and now further advancing the messaging possibilities by bringing Rich Media Messaging feature.

Why it is so easy?
FriendCaller allows you to use your existing iPhone contacts, Facebook friends, Web email contacts, Outlook or Mac address book to call your friends. Make Group Calls and Group Video Calls all for FREE over your device.

Fixes for iOS8
Fixed too long running background tasks

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