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Friendsee – Broadcast live for Facebook.

broadcast LIVE VIDEO straight to your Facebook wall or twitter.
Share your moments with your friends or family as if they were there.

iOS 9

if they didn’t see the live broadcast don’t worry the video remains on your wall so they can catch it later or on the friendsee App feed.
instead of pics and text just go live…It’s free try it now!

iPhone 7

Create groups and broadcast just to specific friends,family or broadcast to your Facebook friends or get bold and broadcast to whoever…

+Live broadcast from your iPhone with one click to your Facebook

Steve Jobs

+UNLIMITED! broadcasts – you can video as long as you want and as many as you want we won’t stop you!


+watch from the app your friends or family broadcasts on the live Feed
+you can flip your camera from front to the back camera in the middle of the broadcast so people can see you and then check out what you see
+it will automatically tag your location
create groups of your friends,family so when you broadcast only they can see.
broadcast for your Facebook friends
go wild and broadcast public
+ check out other public broadcasters and add them to your follow list to get notifications once they go live
+ COMMENT, like and share on your friends, family or other people public broadcasts
+Fully supported on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone5, iphone5S

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Crash fixes.
Real time notifications

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