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Fuse Presenter

Fuse combines slides, images, and videos from multiple files into a single

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cohesive presentation.
– Have two slide decks that you need to combine and trim? Fuse them.
– Need to throw a video in between two slides without much fuss? Fuse it.
– Want to place your slides along a timeline or on a map? Fuse has you covered.


– Dropbox connectivity for easy file access.
– Create presentations from PDF’s, H.264, JPG, PNG.
– Duplicate existing presentations and customize.
– Export Fused presentations into a single PDF.

3 Presentation Modes

– Map

Place your slides and videos on a map, timeline, or any other JPG or PNG image you
choose. When you present, Fuse will zoom in & out of your image based on
where you place your slides.

– Zoom

Slides will zoom in to full screen, and then zoom past you as you progress
through your presentation.

– Slide

The classic – slides will simply slide left-to-right as you progress
through the presentation. Classic mode lets users pinch-zoom on each page too.

All three modes support setting a background.

We can’t wait for you to start Fusing your slides, images and videos together, and

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we’d also love your feedback. Email us at [email protected] or visit our

iPhone 7 Plus


website at http://fuseapp.co.

Fixes an issue where camera photos would not appear in app.

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