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Introduction: GaGahi—a useful tool chatting with foreigners, International multilingual social APP.
GaGahi is an open voice social software for international strangers and also a mobile APP of international friend-making site. Making more international friends, you can save accommodation fees when you travel abroad and have someone to help you when you are a backpacker, study abroad or immigrate.
1, Post mood and photo: provide you free sharing environment that you can share your mood in international friend circle whenever and wherever possible
2, Find: search and follow friends, beauties and handsome boys from 180 countries are waiting for you. Follow international trend!

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3, Chatting: chat freely with friends from all over world. Provide 9 languages online voice translation service.
4, New feed: view friends’ new feed, click “Like” for your friend, make comment, translate the sentences your friend post and so on.
5, Me: include the new feed I posted, album, visitor history, translated sentences, gifts received, related activities and so on.

1.Simpler interface and smoother operation.
2.Optimized contents of "Chatting" and "Find" interface.


3.Optimized translation and style of Infotip.

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4.Add "My Home"and operation page of Friend Requests".
5.Modified user logic and improved user experience.
6.Solved the occasionally happened security problems

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