GaGahi | Best Apps and Games 17 January,2019


Introduction: GaGahi—a useful tool chatting with foreigners, International multilingual social APP.


GaGahi is an open voice social software for international strangers and also a mobile APP of international friend-making site. Making more international friends, you can save accommodation fees when you travel abroad and have someone to help you when you are a backpacker, study abroad or immigrate.
1, Post mood and photo: provide you free sharing environment that you can share your mood in international friend circle whenever and wherever possible
2, Find: search and follow friends, beauties and handsome boys from 180 countries are waiting for you. Follow international trend!
3, Chatting: chat freely with friends from all over world. Provide 9 languages online voice translation service.
4, New feed: view friends’ new feed, click “Like” for your friend, make comment, translate the sentences your friend post and so on.


5, Me: include the new feed I posted, album, visitor history, translated sentences, gifts received, related activities and so on.

1.Simpler interface and smoother operation.
2.Optimized contents of "Chatting" and "Find" interface.



3.Optimized translation and style of Infotip.
4.Add "My Home"and operation page of Friend Requests".
5.Modified user logic and improved user experience.
6.Solved the occasionally happened security problems

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