Galaxy At War Online | Best Apps and Games 17 December,2018

Galaxy At War Online

Fight for the control of galaxy, conquer the universe, lead your alliance to victory!

Facing the potential assaults from many powerful enemies, you’ll have to discovery and colonize new planets, build your military bases, produce super battleship, regroup the most powerful force. Command your fleets, wage wars of your own to expand your territory in the Galaxy!


Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– A Free to play sci-fi strategy online game

eagles vs rams

– Gorgeous graphics bring you into a fantastic universe
– Joint strike and joint defense with ally for epic wars
– Battle with or against other players from around the world
– Explore and gather resources from across the galaxy
– Plan strategically and conquer the universe

iPhone 6s Plus

– Much more, waiting for you!

– New buffs will take effect after merge: Peace Agreement and Relocation Buff.
– Offline Admiral (over 10 days) will be replaced by Captain. Countdown towards the function starts after update.


– Alliance Technology: new researchable technologies among alliance members, including Damage Tech, Shield Tech, Armor Tech.
– Alliance Tax: Adjustable taxes towards plunder and recycling.
– Increased colonized planets.
– Some of special symbols are filtered from commander names.

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