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Gangster Paradise

Gangster Paradise (GP) is a unique, fun and addictive gangster themed ONLINE multiplayer game. Rise up through the ranks with dealers, gangsters, crimes and gambling in the casino. Steal from and attack other players to progress quicker in the game! Join a gang to participate in raids, own properties and dominate the game.



* Instantaneous online ranking system.
* Compete with others and see your overall position as you play!
* Get involved in the community with chat, forums and messaging.
* Create and customize your own profile. Build yourself a reputation.
* Commit crimes, grand theft autos and jailbreaks
* Control your own city and manage your empire
* Employ dealers and build an army of gangsters.
* Wage war with other players. Take their money or hit them where it hurts.
* Create or join a gang and build your HQ, properties, score and raid other gangs for spoils.
* Gamble in the casino with mini-games like BlackJack


* Think big. Use your map placement, income, location effects, perks, timing, attacks, defense and other strategic elements to your advantage.

Plus much more!!!


We’ve taken the best aspects of our two mafia-themed desktop games which have been running since 2005 to create the most balanced and enjoyable experience we can. We have a dedicated support system in-game, an ideas area and a seperate account area on our website at


We want our game to be fun for all and not only those who play or pay hard. There are no character energy downtimes. We have unique gameplay and community interaction you won’t find in similar themed games.

Muggings return with Medallions. Mug a target and keep hold of their Medallion to be given extra XP to a skill for a day!

New rewards to collect from events or for prestiging, including:
– Dogs: Help with defence and protect against small attacks
– Weapon Kits: Greatly boost your weapon ratings for a time


– Medallions: You can receive these as rewards too!

General improvements:

wendy williams

– Reserved changes for increased competition
– Group conversation improvements
– Spy location assignment improvements

iPhone 7 Plus

– Captcha (triggered from rapid actions) far easier to complete
– Many more small changes and bug fixes

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