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GCalendar Pro – Google Calendar Client

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Timing is everything. Keep your Google Calendars up to date and in sync across all your iOS devices with GCalendar, by ICSOFT.

Easily navigate and organize all your dates, assignments, and meetings. Never miss a beat or forget an anniversary again!

GCalendar works both online and offline, syncing automatically when you are connected.


** Works seamlessly with Google Calendar**

GCalendar brings all the features of Google Calendar to your iPhone and iPad. View, create, edit—even color-code your important events quickly and without frustration.

**Keep every aspect of your life well organized**

With full multi-calendar support, GCalendar enables you to set up different calendars for different aspects of your life: work, school, family, covert operations and more. GCalendar will keep all your calendars in one handy format. Set up multiple lists for shopping, work-flows, and tasks.

**Remind yourself to remember**

Worried about missing an important meeting? Have GCalendar notify you with a pop-up, an email or even a text message. Set up to 5 reminders for any given date.

**Make it a habit**

Daily check-ins, weekly classes, monthly meetings—with seven different recurring reminder modes, GCalendar will keep you aware of all your repeating events.

** Invite guests **

Need to make an appointment with others or share a group event? Simply send an email to invite or add guests to your event. Set permissions and send group reminders. If the event is changed, all invitees will receive an updated e-mail.

** Customize your Calendar **

Customize you calendar by setting time zone, time format, default calendar and default task list, the alert sound and so on.
For different calendars, multiple colors let you know at a glance what is what. Hide or show all your calendars with a simple touch of the screen.

** Information made beautiful **

GCalendar is entirely distraction-free. No annoying ads, no clutter, nothing to get between you and your dates. Intuitive gesture support gives you full control and accessibility. View details of an event with one tap, switch views with a double-tap.

** Sync with other’s calendars **

GCalendar will synchronize to calendars you have subscribed to online, through Google Calendar. You can share your calendars with your family, friends, and co-conspirators—and also receive their updated information, automatically!

Fix the sync problem because of the api changed by Google.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


iPhone 7s

iPad Air 3