güdly | Best Apps and Games 16 October,2018


güdly ("goodly") is the world’s first social network app designed to put a stop to bullying. Güdly let’s users like you determine the fate of every post AND the people who posted them.

Get a nasty, hurtful post? Click and send it to the güdly community for review. If most users agree, the post is removed and the person who posted it gets a timeout.

Finally, a social media network that puts you in control. How cool is that?

Plus you can do so much more with güdly:

– Check out the fun güdly navigation wheel, take it for a spin to:

ASK for help, support and words of kindness

GIVE warm wishes and encouragement

GUARD against bullying, negativity, and unkind thoughts

Greetings, güdly community! Just sneaking in a quick update that eliminates a few rascally bugs.

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