Gears – Steam Community for iPhone & iPod touch | Best Apps and Games 19 June,2019

Gears – Steam Community for iPhone & iPod touch

-New Features Planned! (See Below)-

For the first time Steam Community users can easily access features present in the desktop version of Steam with the power of Gears. Gears is the best mobile version of The Steam Community by Valve Software. Gears gives Steam Community access to gamers on the go.

View anyone’s profile and activity with Gears.

Are you energetic? Gears lets you shake your iPhone or iPod touch to view updated information.

"The interface does a good job of streamlining a lot of data from Steam" -Kotaku

"You’ll find the best aspects of Steam right inside this app. …this app becomes a must for any PC gamer out there."

✱ Profile
– Steam Nickname

iPhone 7 Plus

– User Avatar
– User Location
– Online Status
– Bi-Weekly Gameplay Stats
✱ Friends
– View Your Friends
– View Your Friend’s Online Status
– Automatically Updated
– View Online Friends At A Glance
✱ Games
– View Your Games
– Bi-Weekly Gameplay Time
– Access Complete Game Information
– Purchase Games On The Go
✱ Search
– Search For Old Friends Or Enemies

• Achievements
• Groups

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Introducing: Gears v2.0!

Once again the best Steam Community App for iPhone & iPod touch

What’s New:
* iPhone 4 Retina Display Support
* Redesigned User Interface
– Looks Great

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

* iOS 4.0 Fast-App-Switching
* Quicker Load Times

Added To Profiles:
+ Set Any Profile As Your Gears Default


+ Now Display Favorite Games
+ Easily Switch To Any User’s Games
+ Steam Rating Meter
+ Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) Status

Added To Friends:
+ Displays ‘Friends Since’ Date
+ Shows Total Number of Friends

Added To Games:
+ Displays Total Hours Played
+ View Additional Info. or Purchase Games in the Steam Store

Added To Search:
+ Completely Re-Built For Speed & Usability Improvement

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