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Geohopper works with Geohopper on iOS to automatically run actions on your Mac and show notifications when your friends or colleagues enter or exit an area. First, you use Geohopper on iOS to define locations and automatically notify friends and colleagues via push notifications or email. Then when Geohopper on your Mac receives these notifications from you or others, you can automatically run actions and do fun things like request postcards and share the postcards on social networks.




Geohopper can run AppleScripts or shell scripts, speak events, and play iTunes songs or playlists when it gets notified of an enter or exit event. It features a powerful matching engine so you can specify what events trigger what actions.

Examples of Geohopper Actions:
Automatically lock your screen when you leave your desk.
Play a "power song" when you enter the office.
Start an iTunes playlist when you arrive home.
Speak the names of your family and friends when they arrive at the coffee shop.
Announce the arrival of your teammates.
Automatically create a spreadsheet of your sales calls
And much, much more.

Go to to download and share Mac Geohopper actions.

Geohopper is integrated with Notification Center on OS X. When you receive a notification, you can request a postcard from the person entering or exiting the location. Once they send you the postcard from Geohopper on iOS, you can view it and share it right from Geohopper.



When you receive postcards from people, you can share them to Twitter, Facebook, and email. Mac Geohopper is a great way to keep in contact with friends and colleagues as they go about their daily lives.



Customize sounds for people for their enter and exit events, and you’ll keep the pulse of your friends and colleagues by just hearing them.

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