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geronimo – email reinvented for the iPhone

A modern, design-driven reinvention of email for the iPhone.

Geronimo is fast, fun, & efficient. New ways you’ll be interacting with your inbox post-Geronimo:

HORIZONTAL TIMELINES… See your email stretched out on a timeline and focus on just the day at hand (or at that pesky last Thursday where you got 120 emails behind). No more tyranny of the single vertical list.

INTERACTIVE MOTIONS… Unique gestures such as flicking, stacking up emails, and wrist snaps to make email faster and more interactive. Tilt your phone up & down to move through mobile emails on the go. Go even further as advanced motion features unlock over time by simply using the app.

SEPARATE ROBOTS FROM HUMANS… Emails sent by robots (newsletters, notifications, marketing) take up a lot of inbox space and greatly contribute to our feelings of email overload. Geronimo is built in a way that allows you to shrink or hide robot emails so you can deal with real humans who you should get back to (or who might need to be hounded so they get back to you). Let’s rehumanize email and silence the robots.

ATTACHMENTS PREVIEWS EVERYWHERE… It’s now easier than ever to check out attachments without actually opening and going through every individual email. They all show up and open lightning fast from the main timeline grid. You can also see all the attachments a friend or colleague has sent to you over time.

ADD TEXT AND SCRIBBLES ON TOP OF PHOTOS… Annotation has now been brought to the inbox for the first time, bringing email into the modern world of fast, visual mobile communication. Marking photos up can be super efficient for work or just addictively fun.

PICK UP EMAILS & TOSS TO YOUR FOUR ‘HOT CORNERS’… What if we weren’t limited to ‘slide to archive’ being the only interaction pattern for email? Taking a whole new view of interacting with our mobile devices, the designers and game developers at Jumpin Labs created a ‘hot corners’ interface for sorting your email. It’s fast, fun, and can be customized so the corners represent whatever folders and labels are most important to you in your life.

REARRANGE EMAILS… With Geronimo, users can better organize their emails, arranging them in the order that they desire versus the chronological order that emails normally arrive in. This inbox curation leaves users more in control than ever.

CLOUD FILES… Easily attach files from iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox

** Note: Geronimo works with gmail and google apps accounts **


Geronimo also has created the first design-driven email experience for the Apple Watch.

Geronimo’s Apple Watch experience available now with:


Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

• beautiful visual notifications
• photos of your contacts
• reply to emails or compose from scratch

airpods 2

• search & find emails
• human-only notifications

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