Gesticon | Best Apps and Games 23 August,2019


Gesticon is the first and original keyboard application with animated emoticons that represent the essence of the world-known Italian body language. It is so good that others are copying us 😉

Enjoy these fun-tastic graphics with detailed description of the gestures and their meanings. Now you can text your friends and family and express how you really feel like a real Italian!

The keyboard works in all your favorite messaging apps (iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook-Messenger and more).
Get all the italian Gestures and unlimited free updates with new content. Capisc?

A note about USER’S PRIVACY and the request for FULL ACCESS: giving an IOS keyboard "Full Access” it’s needed to activate the copy/paste function, which is a way you can use to add animation to your messages. You can also choose to share the gesticons directly from the app without installing the keyboard. However, we can assure you that your keystrokes aren’t sent to any server, stored, sold or used in any way.

– Bug fixes

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– Looping animation active

© Michele Pansini

emilia clarke

iOS 8.1