Get Likes on Profile Posts for Facebook | Best Apps and Games 17 October,2018

Get Likes on Profile Posts for Facebook

Real Likes for Profile – posts on Facebook? Here it is, first app which delivers real users likes.
It works simply – provides social network for Facebook users to Like other users posts.

iOS 8

If you enjoy someone post just Like it, then you will get like back on post you chose. But if you don’t enjoy, just skip and check another!

– This will never like any post for you without your consent.

iPhone 6

– An Facebook account is required to use.
– We encourage you to like only posts you are interested in. We do not sell likes or endorse certain users. We give you an opportunity to promote your Facebook profile to our user community. It is up to users to like your posts or not. We cannot guarantee that other users will like your content.
-This app is not a property of Facebook Inc.

-Added history and current progress of orders
-Fixed few minor bugs

calvin ridley

iPhone 7 Plus

-Improved speed

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