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Get Organized! – Peter Walsh

Imagine your home completely clutter free, functioning in organized harmony. Now, imagine Peter Walsh in your home with you, helping you finally get organized. With Peter as your personal coach, the "Get Organized! -Peter Walsh" app will guide you step-by-step and room-by-room turning the clutter and chaos into peace and calm.

Organizational expert, Peter Walsh, helps people get their lives in order. He is best known for his regular appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and his own shows – Extreme Clutter and Enough Already! on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). He’s also a regular columnist in Oprah Magazine, the author of numerous NY Times best-sellers, and frequent guest on television and radio programs internationally.


The "Get Organized! –Peter Walsh" app motivates you to declutter and organize your home with 5 practical tools:

• Assess Your Space: Decide how best to use your space

• Assess Your Clutter: Know your clutter, know yourself!

• Communicate Your Vision: Get the whole family involved

• Declutter: No more stalling, take action now!

• Maintenance & Daily Purging: Keep clutter under control forever

Having decluttered thousands of homes, Peter now shares with you his proven method for decluttering and organizing your personal spaces. Among the many useful attributes of this app are more than 20 embedded videos, quizzes, challenges, and unique content – all of which can be immediately applied to any home. Along with instructional videos of Peter telling you how to put the organizational tools into action, a "Before and After" photo gallery showcases what you have learned, capturing the transformation to share with friends or family or to post online. Intuitive, practical, and fun, this app will help you conquer clutter forever!

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