Ghost Tales | Best Apps and Games 21 November,2018

Ghost Tales

It all starts when Anna, our cute and brave heroine, opens a mysterious envelope…
… an envelope that will send you into a world of fear, excitement and adventure!

Play along with Anna as she begins the journey to discover what happened to her beloved Grandpa so many years ago. You’ll walk through haunted houses, find treasure and face mind – boggling challenges in the fight to progress to the next quest! You’ll find wonderful new friends along the way, have fun (and funny!) conversations with people who cross your path and run from the monsters that lurk around every creaking door!

– Win coins, diamonds, experience and energy by performing fun and exciting tasks!
– Hold your breath, try not to cry and make it to all 21 haunted houses!

It’s all there in Ghost Tales! Out now and free to download or play online.
Join Anna and begin the adventure today!

New story!

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