Gift List – Present and Card Planner for every Occasion (with Reminders) | Best Apps and Games 18 February,2019

Gift List – Present and Card Planner for every Occasion (with Reminders)

Lost track of who you still need to buy gifts for?
Would you like a reminder to send a card before its too late?
Have to remind yourself which presents you’ve already bought?

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Got a stack of gifts that you aren’t sure who they should be given to?

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Want to know what presents you have bought for your friends and family in the past?
Would you like a reminder that somebody’s birthday (or Christmas or Wedding or …) is coming up soon but you haven’t bought a gift yet?
Do have lists of gift ideas for your friends & family but nowhere to put them?

This app is just what you need, with it you can:
– Create as many events as you like – e.g. Dad’s Birthday, Mom’s Christmas, Bob & Sue’s Wedding, etc.


– Add gifts and link them to their event, or just keep the gift unallocated until you decide which event to use it for.
– Track the gift status right through from ‘Idea’ to ‘Given’.
– Track the card status of each event, from ‘Card Needed’ to ‘Card Given’, or even ‘Card Not Needed’.
– Keep a list of the people that you are buying for, including their likes & dislikes. The app will automatically keep a list of previous gifts for each person.
– Get reminders when you haven’t bought any gifts, or haven’t sent a card, or just a simple reminder that the event is soon.

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– If it’s a yearly event e.g. a birthday, Christmas or an anniversary, the app will automatically create future events.

(i) Much improved UI design – added extensive use of colors & thumbnails.
(ii) You can now use the camera to take pictures to use in the App.

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