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Global Call­ : Landline&Mobile

■ The lowest price international calling app ■
▶ Connect everyone(including non-app. user)
 using 3G or WiFi with crystal-clear-voice
 - Location doesn’t matter!
▶ Call rates start at $0.03/min.
 - More minutes than calling card
 - No subscription fee, No connection fee
▶ Support In-App-Purchase to recharge easily

Global Call is a new international calling

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application connecting worldwide at convenient
and low call rates, without cutting into your
calling plan minutes!

Global Call uses VOIP (Voice Over Internet
Protocol), allowing smart phone users to call their
friends, family, and business contacts around the
world with 3G or WiFi connection.
Our users can call every mobile and landline
in ther world.

Global Call changes long distances into close
relationships. Offers amazing call rates and easy-
to use features, there’s no reason not to start
with Global Call today.

Sign up Global Call and get free $0.5 credit now!

   ∎∎∎∎∎∎ F E A T U R E S ∎∎∎∎∎∎

【 Super-easy to Use 】

▶ Start making phone calls within seconds after
 opening the app
▶ Add contacts directly from your mobile,
 and use as it is
▶ Buy credits right from the app to your account
 through In-App-Purchase
▶ Choose the language you’re most comfortable
 with – English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean,
    Vietnamese, Indonesian

【 Very Low Rate 】

▶ Global Call offers amazing rates around the
▶ Start at 0.03$/min. with no additional charge
▶ Easily check call rates before you call

【 Crystal Clear Voice 】

▶ The Hybrid mVoIP technology provides

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 call quality like IDD(Landline) level
▶ Crystal Clear phone calls with no interruptions
 or hang-ups – Guaranteed!
▶ Disconnect the call if quality is not satisfactory
  – Calls lasting less than 3 seconds are not

If you have any inquiry, please use Customer
Center in Global Call App.
(more > Customer Center > Inquiry)

Please feel free to let us know any questions,
complains or recommendations about this service.

iPhone 6s

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This app is optimized for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S,
iPhone 5 (Requires iOS 5.0 or later)

– Call quality improvements for iPhone 6, iPhone 6+
– Fixed problems for calling Cameroon.
– Fixed other bugs

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