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GLSL Studio

Want to learn graphics programming using just your iOS device? Already know your way around a GPU but wish you could work on that shader while away from the computer? Then welcome to GLSL Studio!

GLSL Studio is the first full featured OpenGL ES 2.0 programming environment for iOS. Create, edit and compile full vertex and fragment shaders right on your iOS device! Custom vertex data, textures and attributes/varyings/uniforms are all managed using an easy interface making testing under different conditions quick and simple.

GLSL Studio’s native code editor has been built from the ground up to provide the most comfortable coding environment available on a touchscreen device with desktop grade features such as syntax highlighting and code completion.

* Create ES 2.0 vertex & fragment shaders


* Compiler debug output
* Native code editor & syntax highlighting
* As-you-type GLSL code completion

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* Light & dark syntax highlighting themes
* Custom keyboard with arrows & shortcuts
* Automatic code indentation
* Various 2D/3D example programs included
* Generate vertex data in-app:
– Primitives: Grid, Cube, Sphere, Torus
– Texture Coords: LinearX/Y/Z, Sphere
– Normals: Flat/Smooth
* Import 3D Meshes via iTunes File Sharing
– .obj .ply .md2 .dae .blend
* Manage textures in-app:

iPhone 6s

– Use 8 unique textures per program
– Stream camera to texture
– Customize texture parameters
* Manage Attributes, Varyings & Uniforms
* Bindings (multi-touch, motion & more)
* Orthographic & perspective projection
* Retina enabled (New iPad supported)
* Optional framerate & triangle counter
* Export via email attachment
* Export via iTunes File Sharing
* Export vertex data as .h (static arrays)
* Universal, buy once run on iPod/iPhone/iPad
* OpenGL ES 2.0 widely supported inc. WebGL

Lots of new features are planned for future updates. Follow kode80 on Twitter to get the latest news:

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* iOS 8 optimized

iOS 9

* iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ support
* Undo/redo now works in code editor
* Create new projects without cloning
* Updated UI
* Copy/paste code editor fix

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