GoCoEdit – Code and Text Editor with FTP, SFTP and Dropbox integration | Best Apps and Games 16 May,2019

GoCoEdit – Code and Text Editor with FTP, SFTP and Dropbox integration

GoCodeEditor is a Code Editor optimized for fast opening and editing local and remote files on your iOS 8 Device.

• Sublime like Code-Editor!

• Universal App (use it on your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch)

• Extra keybar with swipe functions and trackball to precisely move the cursor

• Syntax highlighting


focused on Web-Development
(html, css, javascript, php, ruby, python, go, coffeescript, xml, markdown, lua, java, c, c++, scala, swift)

• Some comfort features: code hinting, auto indent, auto close brackets, line wrapping
(optional), tag and bracket matching, find by regular expression

• CMD-mode on iPad (keep your hands on the vKeyboard)

• Different themes ( include solarized, monokai and many more ) and font-sizes

• Import / export files from icloud drive and other file providers

• Preview Browser
( in iPad version resizeable for preview iPad or iPhone layouts )

• Connect to your servers via SFTP, FTP or DROPBOX

• Very fast reconnect and recover of open files after restart

• Edit your files directly on your server without download.

• Integrated Minishell (ssh) to perform background tasks like a Grunt job

• External/Bluetooth keyboard support
( iOS shot-cut keys are supported / CMD+TAB == TAB )

• In Remote Ftp Mode *, app only needs port 80 (works on port-restricted lans)

* (optional) self-hosted "Connector" – available on Github:


iPad Air 3

the first with GoCoEdit created game is released:
try Orbi.go for iOS now!

• Better experience for asian users
• New option to enable/disable "Auto Closing Tags" and "Auto Closing Brackets"
• Faster startup time
• Better editor performance if long filelists are loaded
• App now reacts faster after backgrounding
• Animations runs smoother
• Abort file loading button
• Lower memory usage

iPhone 7

• Some more bugfixes and improvements

••• NEW IN 3.1 •••
• External keyboard support
• Some UI improvements
• 3 new Themes ( include solarized dark / light )
• Save remotes to icloud option
• Bugfixes

••• NEW in version 3.0 •••
• Edit local files
• Upload / Download files from remote to local
• Local icloud folder
• Use "open-in" to open files from other apps in GoCoEdit

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

• Export files to icloud / other filesystem providers like Dropbox, Documents…
• Dropbox connections added
• Flatter design 😉
• New curser mover in extra-keybar on iPhone 6 / iPad
• New Preview-Browser
• More options for tabsize and fontsize
• Serval bugfixes

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