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Goldfish 4 Professional – Website builder and layout app lets anyone create and publish html5 websites

Webdesign for all devices: Goldfish is the easy to use solution to design stunning, custom websites with the latest HTML5 technologies, in little time. We come from the creative business and understand how you think as an illustrator, creative and designer. All our knowledge and our experience in developing websites and the feedback from the Goldfish community are now in Goldfish. 4

Exclusive Features of Goldfish 4 Professional:
– Password protection for individual pages: The page will be displayed only after entering the correct password
– Animations for any item on the page with many effects and possibilities
– Show or hide any item by a click or hover with the mouse
– Search box on the website to browse and find specific passages
– Slider to scroll through different areas on a page
– Online shop with PayPal Integration, which can be configurated in minutes
– Write your own HTML and CSS code to any position of your website
– Developing web apps using PHP, Javascript and other techniques
– Add files and folders from external sources and develop webapps
– Stats from your website on the go directly to your smartphone, tablet or computer

Features of Goldfish 4 Standard and Professional:
– Gorgeous designs for the creation of your website in only minutes
– Efficient and intuitive creation with the unique Goldfish construction kit
– Assistance by the use of templates for pages and page areas
– Design your website freely with text, images and other content
– Customized website for smartphones and tablets
– Automatic forwarding to a customized page, depending on the device, operating system or language
– Same typography on all devices by rendering fonts and support for Adobe Typekit *
– Retina graphics and support for resolution independent SVG vector graphics
– HTML5 audio and video, as well as integration of YouTube videos
– Dynamic menus with customizable design and customizable features
– Buttons for like and share for all major communities
– Professional image gallery and slideshow in multiple different styles
– Entirely customizable e-mail, contact, and booking forms with SPAM protection


– Dynamic visitor counter in many pleasent styles


– Automatically generated sitemap for finding a page quickly
– Integration of external websites in iFrames
– Guestbook where your website visitors can post comments and annotations
– Blog and CMS for posting content without Goldfish, directly on your website with comments and RSS Feed
– Embed code snippets e.g. for GoogleMaps, Flickr or Facebook
– Integration of Google Analytics with data protection rules
– Pinning of backgrounds and page areas when scrolling (the background or area is fixed)
– Prepared for the Fishbeam Clips library with over 1000 clips **
– Publish your website directly via FTP with SSL encryption
– Export your website as HTML files
– Goldfish generates modern HTML5 and CSS code complying with official standards

* The use of Adobe Typekit possibly requires a paid registration one the Typekit website. ** The Fishbeam clip library is not part of Goldfish and can be purchased separately.

– Goldfish 4.1 is now a 64-bit app. This solves issues, that could occur with large pictures, videos and files and could cause a complete crash.
– "File > Export" shows now a save as dialogue and does not export automatically in "Downloads" anymore.
– Goldfish error reports contain now more detailed information of the operating system
– Page- and names of media files can now contain hyphens
– Undo and redo works again (broken since Goldfish 4.0)
– Undo and redo works now for all steps since opening the project instead only for 10 steps like in Goldfish 3
– The font chooser comes now with autocompletion of font names
– Particular font variants like "Light", "Ultra Light" or "Extra Bold" will now be displayed again in the font chooser (broken since Goldfish 4.0)
– Particular font variants like "Light", "Ultra Light" or "Extra Bold" will now always be displayed correctly in Safari, Firefox, Internet-Explorer, Edge und Chrome
– New blog links will be show with the correct link style
– Blog links will now use the selected text as link text by default
– Adding blog links will no longer delete characters from the blog
– A blog has now automatically a link for posting a comment below each entry
– Goldfies does not show an internal error after publishing on OS X 10.8 anymore
– There are no longer issues if you start Goldfish for the first time on Windows systems with non English or German system language


– The warning, that will be displayed when you save projects from Goldfish 3, 2 and 1 for the first time, will now always be displayed correctly
– Publishing while in code view publishes now also recently added code
– The gallery "Light Box" displays now the next, back and stopp buttons on all web servers correctly
– Comments, that are imported from Goldfish 3, does not contain the text "br" anymore
– Publishing via FTP shows now error messages, if the space on the web server will be full
– When publishing, the English version shows now "Publish Website…" instead of „Website veröffentlichen…“
– The Gallery "Light Box" does not show next and back buttons anymore if it contains only one picture
– In guestbooks and blogs, the text "Fred on 12/01/2016" is now completely localizable and not longer in German on all systems
– Imported shapes from Goldfish 3 will have always the correct size and color
– The icon for deleting a product will now always be displayed correctly in the shopping cart
– Payments via PayPal in the online shop will now work if there is an older version than PHP 5 on the web server
– Custom sound effects will now be saved correctly and don’t get lost on animations
– At link shapes, circle and triangle work now on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge
– In forms, Google Recaptcha spam protection will work now on encrypted were servers (https)
– The submenu at "Menu with Submenu" does not cover fixed areas anymore when scrolling
– The search field of the Goldfish help on Windows is now large enough and fits better to the layout


– Ruler captions in the editor will no longer displayed sometimes incorrectly (underlined)

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