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GoodDual Display Free

Get your iPad, iPhone as an external display! Plug and play, no need to set!
One more reasons to use the iPad! For Mac users!

GoodDual Display allow you to use iOS device as a Plug-and-play mobile external display. For engineers, technicians, designers, media workers, musicians and artists specially designed, can improve the efficiency of 50%.

Directly through the data cable (lightning or 30 pin cable) to connect your iPad,iPhone on your Mac. Don’t have to worry about annoying firewall settings, Wi-Fi wireless network set up, and more secure. Support for touch-screen interaction with the new display.


– Extended desktop: display an extended second-desktop and support a variety of display resolution

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– Desktop mirroring display
– Switch between display modes (extended desktop and mirroring display), no waiting
– High performance screen display, zero lag
– 60 Frames Per Second
– Retina Display
– Supports multi-touch gestures,you can control your Mac with intuitive iOS gestures.

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– Secure wired connection, do not need to set

iPad Pro

– Same Day Support

Please go to the website ( to free download Desktop Streamer for Mac

1. Depth optimization for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus
2. Fixed the cursor to select

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