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goWriter – Word Processor & Rich Text Document Editor for Google Docs, Google Drive

goWriter is the first of its kind word processor for Google Drive™ & Google Docs™ files, supporting full rich text editing of documents and two-way syncing to the cloud. Now you can create, edit, and sync stylish documents to Google Docs/Drive right from your iPad or iPhone.

Even more, goWriter supports "offline mode," allowing you to edit documents that you have previously opened, even when you have no Wi-Fi or 3G connection. This is great for making long flights more productive! When your internet access has been restored, you can easily sync your changes back to the server.

Behind goWriter is a full-featured word processor, giving you all the content creation and editing power that you’d expect from pro-level software. Select from numerous hand-picked fonts, embed images, insert bulleted and numbered lists, perform complex stylings — it’s as easy as one tap.



– See all of your Google Docs by linking your account to the app.

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iOS 9

– Open and edit the rich text, then save your changes back to the server.
– Sort by name, revision date, and folder.
– Works offline as well: open documents that you’ve previously edited.

– Insert images directly into text, setting alignment and image size.
– Set text alignment.
– Add bullet lists, hyperlinks, unicode glyphs, and more.
– Style with bold, italics, underline, highlighting, header levels, preformatted text, block quotes, sub- and super-script, and more.
– Choose from numerous hand-picked, creative fonts.

– Adds an additional row to the keyboard with advanced formatting tools.
– Three levels of additional keys.
– Document Navigator keys enable quick and easy traversal through your document, by character or word.
– Designed to match the style of the standard keyboard for easy usage.

– Preview your document exactly as it will print.
– Set page margins, headers and footers, page numbering format, and line spacing (1, 1.5 or 2).
– Switch between US Letter and A4 paper size.
– Print over the air via Air Print (setup required).
– Send the formatted document to other apps, including Dropbox and Evernote (if installed).

– Autosave to keep work safe.
– Undo and redo.
– Dozens of glyphs for things like currency, mathematics symbols, typographical symbols, and fun stuff.
– Bullet and numbered lists of unlimited levels.
– Built-in spell checker.
– Document statistics (word and character count).
– Unlimited folders for organizing your documents.

iPad Pro

– Advanced file browsers: sort documents by name and last modified, plus move documents between folders.
– Quick and responsive customer support!

Full iOS 8 and iPhone 6 support.

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