GraphicConverter 9 | Best Apps and Games 9 February,2019

GraphicConverter 9

The application offers the ease-of-use, wealth of features, and staunch reliability that you have come to expect from our software.

Non-destructive image editing
A new Cocooner editing mode allows you to make modifications to the image appearance while keeping your original image data unchanged.
You can adjust the brightness and contrast of an image, crop and rotate it, save it, and then revert the image to its original state at any time in the future or continue editing it without any loss of quality. You can also export the altered image to all of the supported formats.

Undo in Browser
In this version of GraphicConverter, most of the file and folder operations that you perform in the application’s own browser can be undone. For example, if you delete or move a file or folder accidentally, or just change your mind, you can press Command-Z or choose Undo from the Edit menu to restore it.

The application supports improvements in Multiple Displays, App Nap, and more.

New features:
• Photoshop Pattern file import
• optional indicator for iOS HDR files to browser
• batch SVG to PDF (vector) conversion
• bpg (Better Portable Graphics) import and export
• user defined fill patterns

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

• vignetting correction
• freeze and atmosphere filter
• invert luminance
• invert hue
• shift channels left and right


• temperature effect filter
• option "Information palette follow main window"
• import and export of Photoshop PSD layers (as option)
• import of GIMP xcf with layers
• import of JPEG XR (.jxr)
• import of HD Photo (.hdp)


• import of Windows Media Photo (.wdp)
• Auto Red Eye
• Reduce to Palette
Updated features:
• display in Open Street Map will now show a marker
• added automatic rename option to overwrite dialog
• brush tool does now support pressure of sensitive pen
• added additional custom scale display mode to slideshow
• improved mime decoding
• improved scale dialog
• optional exif data indicator to browser
• additional sort into subfolder option
• added import/export support for XMP data in JPEG2000 compatible to Photoshop
• added help tags to the icons in the browser thumbnails
• redesigned iptc export and import in convert&modify
• improved CMYK PSD import
• improved display of profile details in the information window
TIFF import supports now in addition CMYK uncompressed with alpha channel

québec winter carnival

• added support for pixeltype 6 and 16 bit per channel to deltavision import
• added detection of exif data in the browser thumbnail area for PSD and webp
• corrupt GPS data will no longer be reported as file has gps
• Norwegian translation updated
• import of CMYK PSD with alpha added
• import of optional alpha channel from Adobe TIFFs with alpha channel only in Adobe Image Resource Block added
• iptc keywods etc. can separated by space as option
• convert & modify will apply the selected file filter to the subfolders during the conversion, too
• added display of JPEG file quality
• added FITS import with 16 bit grayscale
• added IPLab import with 16 bit grayscale
• added DM3 import with 16 bit grayscale
• added SMV import with 16 bit grayscale

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