Grey Cubes | Best Apps and Games 12 January,2019

Grey Cubes

"Grey Cubes is the perfect first stop for those new to the block-breaking genre and will revive old passions for longterm players."

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– TrustedReviews – 9/10

"New life breathed into an old concept: loads of new ideas, simple gameplay, and a "just-one-more-go" addictiveness."
– TapSmart – 4/5

Bounce and Break!

Grey Cubes is a modern variation on the brick-breaker-type game, based on real-time physics and three-dimensional gameplay. The game unites the classic elements of brick-breaker games (such as multiballs, exploding-ball bonuses, etc.) with new gameplay elements, including multi-layer brick patterns and real-life physics impacting on their in-game behaviour. Travel through 60 futuristics levels and break everything !


• A traditional power-ups mixed with modern gameplay mechanics
• Addictive mechanics
• Real-time physics and three-dimensional gameplay


• 60 highly diversified levels
• Multi-layered levels


• One-touch controls
• Futuristic ambience

IMPORTANT: Grey Cubes is not compatible with iPhone 4, iPad 1 and iPod touch 4th Generation (and below)

– Bug fixed.
– Gameplay optimizations.
– Shop added.

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