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Growly Notes

Growly Notes is an incredibly versatile note-taking app, now available for both iPad and Mac. Collect any kind of data—rich text, images, PDFs, movies, audio clips—and arrange it on the page any way you like.

Notebooks are organized into sections containing free-form pages, like a scrapbook. On each page, notes can lie next to each other, or you can layer the notes so they overlap.

• Work on multiple devices, or collaborate with friends or colleagues.
• Sync notebooks on demand to the master copy on Dropbox or Google Drive, which can be shared with Macs as well.
• Auto-sync to Dropbox or Google Drive. Macs can access auto-synced notebooks in the local folder for the service.

• Tap anywhere on a page and just start typing.
• Rich text: multiple fonts and all standard text styles.
• Pictures embedded in the text can be scaled.
• Links to websites or places within your notebooks.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

• Lists for making outlines or to-do lists. Markers can be numbers, bullets, or a checkbox for ticking off completed tasks.
• Tables organize your data into rows and columns. They can contain any of the elements listed above.

• Record audio and video directly into your notebook.
• Optionally remembers all the text notes created during the recording, and jumps back to them during playback.
• Create a link to any point in the recording or playback so you can jump to it instantly.
• Use your camera to take a snapshot image.

PDF support
PDF notes can show all pages or allow scrolling.


• Highlights and annotations are preserved but not shown.

• Click on a search result to jump to the note containing the text and highlight all instances.
• Limit the search, or search the whole notebook.
• Tag notes for categorizing or future action. Easily search for all tagged notes. Create your own tags.

• Context-sensitive format tool allows you to change whatever you’ve selected.
• Modify pages, notes, and text. Text options include characters, paragraphs, lists, tables, pictures, and links.

• Sixty page templates for everything from meeting notes to tranquil musings.
• Create your own templates for layouts you use frequently, and easily share them with other people.

•  Save common text formats as the default for new notes.
• Set defaults for new pages, including the template, zoom, and background color.
• Many options for changing appearance and behavior.

• Simple drawing tools for highlighting and annotating.
• Password-protect sensitive sections.
• Lock pages to prevent accidental changes.
• Export to many other formats, including RTF and HTML, for archival, sharing, or final edits in another app.
• High-quality printing.
• Spell checking.
• Note borders.

iOS 8.1

• Background colors on pages.
• Align text with page rule lines.
• Perform calculations right in your notebook.
• Automatic backups for extra security.

• Works with ALL iPad models, iOS 5.1.1 or later.
• Same file format and text engine as the Mac version for high-fidelity cross-device editing. Use Notes 2.1.1 or later on the Mac when sharing notebooks between devices.
• Annotations added to PDFs on the Mac are preserved but not shown. You can’t add highlighting or annotations on the iPad.


• Text in most languages, but not right-to-left or vertical scripts.
• Does not support iCloud.

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