Gtok for Google talk | Best Apps and Games 17 April,2019

Gtok for Google talk

Gtok for Google talk integrates Google’s Gtalk messaging service with your iPad. Send and receive texts, pictures and emojis. Stay connected with your Gmail contacts anytime, anywhere with Gtok for Google talk.


● Save Pictures Locally ●
Double tap pictures to zoom in, and tap again to place your favorites into your iPad “photos” app.

● Contacts at your Fingertips ●
Gtok for Google talk automatically organizes contacts alphabetically, but also provides the ability to sort by most recent. With a lightning fast search function, type the first few letters of the desired name, and the search results will be narrowed accordingly.

● Keep Your Status Updated ●


iPad Air 4

Edit your status and avatars. Contacts will be notified if you are busy, working, or in a meeting. Gtok for Google talk will also sort your contacts by who is available to chat live and who is not, to make communication appropriate for all involved.

● Multiple Accounts ●

iPhone 6s

iPad Pro

If you have multiple accounts, you can easily switch between them. All information will be saved securely for instant retrieval.

● Simply Simple ●
This app has been developed to streamline the Gtalk experience. If you have any difficulties or feedback, feel free to email us directly. We have a responsive Support Team to help field all comments and concerns.