Guided Reading Questioning Framework | Best Apps and Games 18 January,2019

Guided Reading Questioning Framework

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The ‘Guided Reading Questioning Framework’ (Narrative Texts) is Alan Peat Ltd’s first reading app. It has been designed to help busy teachers to structure their text-based questioning in ten key areas: knowledge, prediction, comprehension, application, analysis, speculation, empathic response, synthesis, evaluation and elaboration.
Each ‘area’ is treated as a questioning outcome and is comprised of a series of questions – these are framed in a lower order, middle order and higher order manner. As such the content of the app represents a differentiated (critical thinking) developmental continuum of questions.


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The app is easy to use and will help to avoid ad hoc and/or repetitive questioning in guided reading sessions. Each ‘area’ includes a note-taking section. Notes are saved ‘in app’ but can also be backed-up using Dropbox. Further questions designed by staff and/or clusters of schools can therefore be added, making this an ever-expanding resource.
A ‘must-have’ app for all schools and the first in a series of apps to support the development of reading in schools.

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