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GV+ best FREE app for Google Voice calls, text and voicemail

GV+ is the best FREE app on iPhone to make use of your Google Voice FREE phone number for unlimited inbound and outbound calls and sms text to Google Voice supported phone numbers and rich voicemail with transcription to make your social and professional communications more productive with easy to use and powerful features.

* Send sms text messages from your Google Voice number to regular phone numbers supported by Google Voice without using your phone plan text message allowance. Recipients do not need special messaging apps to receive text messages and respond directly to your Google Voice phone number. Easily access and view all received sms text messages in your account without limit.

* Listen, read and manage all voicemail messages for your account with powerful features including precise playback controls with Bluebooth and speaker output management.

* Convenient multiple message edit functions and message actions including email forwarding and scheduled reminders.

* Make calls using Google Voice call methods including callback and offline calling. Calls can also be made with the iPhone dialer and other apps.

* Manage Google Voice account settings including call forwarding, do not disturb, spam filtering, call screening, and forwarding numbers.

* Options for push notifications for new messages including text, missed calls and voicemail, easy access to multiple Google Voice accounts, passcode lock with Touch ID and push notification message preview control for maximum privacy on supported devices and more.

Disclaimers – A working Google Voice account is required to use GV+. Google Voice services are provided by Google, Inc. Free calls and text messages may use cell phone plan minutes and data. GV+ is not a product of Google, Inc. and is not affiliated with Google, Inc. GV+ provides no explicit or implied assurance of the availability of your Google Voice account and services.

Notes –

iPhone 6s

* Google Voice does *NOT* directly provide VoIP/SIP call functionality on iOS. GV+ relies on Google Voice which also does not directly support VoIP/SIP calls. An external service/app is required for VoIP/SIP calls. For example, you can use the Google Hangouts app to make and receive VoIP calls with your Google Voice phone number.
* iPod/iPad users can install and use GV+ but an external app is required for VoIP/SIP phone calls as no cell phone function is available on iPod/iPad.
* GV+ users on on iPhone/iPad/iPod can use the Google Voice callback call method with an external VoIP/SIP app that provides free inbound calls to make VoIP/SIP calls that do not use cell plan voice minutes and free of per-minute charge. Simply register the external VoIP/SIP phone number as a Google Voice forwarding phone number then select it as the callback method number in GV+.

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iPhone 7 Plus

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* User proximity detection added in voicemail view to prevent inadvertent UI interaction when user is listening to voicemail in earpiece.
* Bug fixes and stability enhancements.

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