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You’re constantly on the move and need to connect to people abroad on your terms, without having to adapt to the network.

What if you had that little bit more freedom in your life to just simply “Make that call” without worrying about accessibility, call quality and price? With the GVCall App, that’s exactly what you’ll be rewarded with. It’s a better way to make international calls with the assurance of Norwegian quality, offering a truly no-frills communications experience.

Better quality calls over cellular, fewer dropped calls and value for money. GVCall is as simple as it gets. It’s all about making quality international calls with value. Make the call! ‘Kom igjen*!’.

Why make the call with GVCall?

• Better quality than VoIP
• Worldwide GSM accessibility
• No WiFi needed


• Very low international rates

Please note that this is a prepaid service, and that we do not provide free international calls.

*Norwegian for “Come on!”

– Shows call status during setup of phone calls


– Changes to app welcome page

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