GyroMote – Remote Gyroscope | Best Apps and Games 18 September,2018

GyroMote – Remote Gyroscope

GyroMote is an app designed for developers using Unity3D development environment. This app supplies live gyroscope information over WiFi to your desktop environment. This makes testing your application or game a lot easier. Instead of compiling your app to run on the mobile device every time you change the code, you can just run the game in the Unity3D editor simulator and connect to the remote gyroscope running on your iOS device.

You gain access to the following information:


* (unbiased) rotation rate

woody allen


* gravity vector

iPhone 7s

* user acceleration vector
* device attitude

See for more details!

Attention: Does not work with versions of Unity 3D 3.5 or lower!

* updated UI

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