Hairy Nerds – Crazy Geek Makeover! | Best Apps and Games 22 February,2019

Hairy Nerds – Crazy Geek Makeover!

~~> Meet the Hairy Nerds! These SUPER nerds are so busy at the office, they barely have time to look in the mirror!
~~> YIKES! These hairy nerds a CRAZY makeover! Can you help them out?!
~~> Clean them up! Shave, tweeze, pop pimples and more! You can even play games with them in bathroom! EWWW!

Welcome to the hairiest tech-company ever, where these hairy geeks spend most of their time… so much time that they don’t even have time to shave their hairy faces! It’s up to you to give these hairy nerds the makeover of a lifetime! From tweezing to shaving – there’s so much fun to be had! Dress up the nerds for work and don’t forget to entertain them while on the toilet!

The future of these nerds is in YOUR hands!

Nerdy Features:
> Dress up the nerds in super nerdy clothes!
> Entertain the nerds in the bathroom – they’ll tell you exactly what they need!
> Shave the nerds’ facial hair with electric shavers. Trim their ear hair, too!

valencia vs celtic

> Use special tools to pop zits and remove warts. Ewwww!

iOS 8

> Spray their mouths and scrape their tongues to remove bad breath!
> Clean out the nerds nasty, food-filled braces! YUCK!!!
> Fix the nerds’ broken glasses!
> Snap a picture to show off the nerds’ new look!
> Enjoy arts & crafts activities with your new nerdy friends!

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