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Handblock – Block Ads, Fast Safari Browsing

Welcome to Handblock, the most powerful content blocker for iOS 9!


Handblock is an advanced content blocker for iPhone & iPad running iOS 9 providing the best browsing experience on Safari!

Handblock includes complete modules on whitelisting your favourite sites and blacklisting the annoying ones with Parental Control.

It’s blocking ads, content, tracking url’s and cookies from Safari and increases up to 5X browsing speed and 22% of battery life on your device.

Handblock installs directly on Safari for iOS 9 and needs no additional setup!

Enjoy ad-free browsing using Handblock!

We are proud to announce Handblock version 2.0!

• Whitelist your favourite websites to show ads

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Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

• Parental control (Blacklist unwanted websites)

iOS 9

• Improved blocking list for better performance
• Performance enhancements

Thanks for using Handblock! If you like Handblock, please don’t forget to leave a rating on the App Store, it helps us to make it better!

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