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Functional programming without the hassle. Learn and experiment visually.

Haskell for Mac is an easy-to-use integrated programming environment for the functional programming language Haskell. It features interactive Haskell playgrounds to explore and experiment with code. You can immediately see what your program is doing as you develop and change it. Playgrounds support more than just text. Computations can create rich and interactive graphics.

Haskell for Mac is made for beginners and experts alike.

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• Interactive Haskell playgrounds are ideal for beginners who want to learn programming.
• The integrated development environment is the perfect choice for experienced programmers interested in studying functional programming and Haskell.
• Haskell playgrounds provide a great environment for experts to quickly experiment with new ideas and to iterate on prototype code.

Haskell for Mac is made for OS X Yosemite and later.

Haskell for Mac is all you need to get started with Haskell and programming, avoiding arcane installation procedures and cryptic command line tools. Haskell for Mac fully utilizes the advanced graphical user interface of OS X, all your work is autosaved in Haskell project documents, and versioned by the OS X revision system. Add code and multimedia files to a Haskell project with drag’n’drop. You can use a separate text editor if you like, or simply use the built-in Haskell editor with customizable themes.

Playgrounds provide immediate and continuous feedback while learning. Haskell is one of the most widely used functional programming languages and perfectly suited to learn functional programming.

There is nothing more frustrating than writing code and having to second guess what it will do, or to constantly wait for non-interactive programming tools to do their job. Haskell playgrounds provide immediate feedback. You can quickly try many alternative ways of solving a problem with the immediate feedback provided by playgrounds.


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Whatever you do in a playground, your data is safe. Haskell for Mac uses OS X’s sandboxing technology to ensure that anything that happens in a playground stays in the playground. Even if you download a Haskell project from the Internet, the playground code cannot access any other data on your Mac.



Haskell for Mac supports the 2D animation and game library SpriteKit that is integrated in OS X. Learn programming writing games in Haskell, or explore data with interactive visualizations.



Haskell for Mac supports a rich, but fixed set of over 200 Haskell libraries. It always uses the embedded libraries and does not work with separately installed Haskell packages. For further technical details, please refer to our product website at http://haskellformac.com

Connect with us on Twitter: @haskellformac

We are always looking for ways to improve Haskell. Please contact us at [email protected]

* Improved behavior in the face of long running computations
* Bug fixes

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