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Who will you be today?

Whatever it is you want to say, and however you want to say it, Headcaster lets you send animated messages to match your mood.

Choose a ‘Self’ from a cast of fantastic characters and record your message. Then let our animations bring your words to life. In full 3D!

Send and receive personalised messages using your photos and music, or choose from a wide range of animated backgrounds and scenarios. Then share with friends, either in app or straight to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Whether you’re exploring your adventurous side, or just letting someone see a softer you, a Headcast sends all the right messages.

Send and Receive Messages That Get Conversations Started

• Choose from a wide range of 3D characters, each with their own unique expressions and moods

iPhone 7

iPad Pro

• Record your message and give your self a voice with easy-to-use effects

iOS 9

• Set the scene, either choosing from 3D animated scenarios or uploading your own photos or songs.
• Share with friends, publicly or privately on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube


• Eye tracking technology for more realistic character interactions
• Multiple-camera angles for even greater scene flexibility
• In app purchases expand the range of characters and animations
• Fully customisable scenarios including Image insert and text overlay
• Include extra ‘touch’ animations that only the person who receives your message will discover.

Headcaster performs optimally when you are in a WiFi or strong 3G area, particularly when downloading new characters.

We’re always adding new characters and animated scenarios. Stay up to date with our latest news and releases by following us at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Headcaster/1507699016132161

national ice cream day

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Headcaster
Website: http://www.headcaster.com

Selfies – new customisable characters which give over 400 million possible variations to your Headcasts
Share videos direct from the Headcast Share screen
Save Headcasts – save your Headcasts, edit and share them later
Schedule your Headcasts to be sent at a later date
Improved Headcaster feed including new categories, public/ featured filter, sort by popularity, see how many people have viewed your Headcast
Improved character list with easy to navigate categories
View other peoples’ profiles – you can now easily watch everything by your favourite Headcasters
New characters added including the Philosoraptor
Animation timeline improved – adjust your animations by dragging them on the timeline

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