Hear My Facebook | Best Apps and Games 19 June,2019

Hear My Facebook

This app reads your Facebook news to you!

You can also write your status, like, and comment! It also has high quality audio, no iAds, and 19 languages!

Just launch the app and you’re done. It will download your Facebook friends news feed and read it outloud!

Perfect for getting ready in the morning or on the go! Or use it in the car to keep your eyes on the road.

You can also use headphones or bluetooth and no one will know you’re listening to Facebook.

This app reads your friends’ status updates and skips the extra ads, links, likes, comments, tags & photos. Pure text!

How to use:


Launch the app to download and hear the latest news. You can also pull down to refresh anytime.

You can touch any single post to hear it again.

Use settings to choose from 19 different languages and a man/woman’s voice!

You can like or comment any status, or write your own status with the icon at the top left.

Give your eyes a rest from looking at screens all day! Free up your hands and eyes to do other things!
Use while:
• Getting ready for school/work
• Driving or on the bus/train
• Any time you have your headphones on.
• Working out/jogging
• At work — no one will see you’re on Facebook!
• Busy using your hands, like cooking or cleaning.
• A great way to start the day! Launch it when you wake up to hear what your friends are up to.

The app can read Facebook to you in several languages:
Español (Spanish or Latin American)

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

iOS 9

Português (Portuguese or Brasil)
日本人 (Japanese)
усский (Russian)
Deutsch (German)
Italiano (Italian)
Français (French)
Polski (Polish)
Català (Catalan)
简体中文 (Chinese Simplified Mandarin)
繁体粤语 (Chinese Traditional Cantonese)
繁体中文 (Chinese Taiwan)
Dansk (Danish)
Suomea (Finland)
한국어 (Korean)
Nederlands (Dutch)
Norsk (Norwegian)
Svenska (Swedish)

And if you’re using an iPhone or Bluetooth headset and a compatable iPhone, just voice launch "Hear My Facebook" for a total hands free experience!

True Text to Speech (TTS) for Facebook!

Note: This app connects you directly with Facebook. None of your information is collected by this app or sent anywhere else.

Coming soon: "Hear My Twitter"!

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