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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Requires an Internet connection and iPad 2 or better.


Pick up your cards and throw down the gauntlet! In Hearthstone, you play the hero in a fast-paced, whimsical card game of cunning strategy.
In minutes, you’ll be unleashing powerful cards to sling spells, summon minions, and seize control of an ever-shifting battlefield.
Whether it’s your first card game or you’re an experienced pro, the depth and charm of Hearthstone will draw you in.
JUMP RIGHT IN: Fun introductory missions bring you into the world of Hearthstone’s intuitive gameplay.
BUILD YOUR DECK: With hundreds of additional cards to win and craft – your collection grows with you.
HONE YOUR SKILLS: Play in practice matches against computer-controlled heroes of the Warcraft universe.
Thrall, Uther, Gul’dan – they’re all here! COLLECTION TRAVELS WITH YOU: Your card collection is linked to your Battle.net account – enabling you to switch your play between tablet and desktop with ease.

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AND FIGHT FOR GLORY: When you’re ready, step into the Arena and duel other players for the chance to win awesome prizes! Post feedback about the game in our forums: us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/forum/13619661/ Languages Supported: * English * Français * Deutsch * Español (Latinoamérica) * Español (Europa) * Italiano * Português * Polski * Русский * 한국어 (Korean) * 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) * 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese) ©2015 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
All rights reserved.
Hearthstone and Heroes of Warcraft are trademarks, and Battle.net and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S., and/or other countries.

** Hearthstone: Goblins vs Gnomes Expansion **

Goblins vs Gnomes, the first expansion to the insanely fun Hearthstone has arrived! Explore inventive, constantly-evolving strategies with 120 explosive new cards.

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Control powerful Mechs with special weapons and volatile abilities, tinker with minions using spare parts, and even watch your friends’ games in progress with the all-new Spectator Mode.

Purchase Goblins vs Gnomes card packs in the store and answer the age-old question: Which is better…gnomish ingenuity or goblin craftiness?

New Features!
* Hearthstone’s explosive first expansion, Goblins vs Gnomes offers over 120 new cards to add to your Hearthstone collection, including all-new class cards and Legendary cards!
* New minion type “Mech” has been added.
Use Mechs along with other Mechs for surprising (often devastating) results!
* Spectator Mode has been added.
Watch your friends play through their games of Hearthstone and observe their epic victories all with the touch of a button!
* Don’t let Goblins and Gnomes have all the fun building things: All Goblins vs Gnomes cards have been added to the Arena and can be chosen even if you do not have them in your Hearthstone collection.


* Gnomes have been hard at work fixing the fixes that Goblins implemented.
Then our engineers stepped in and actually fixed the fixes that the gnomes fixed.
A number of display issues and other bugs have been resolved!

© 2015 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.