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HeartWatch. View & get notified about heart rate data captured on your watch.

Your Apple Watch captures a vast amount of heart rate data. Heart Watch lets you unlock the power of your Watch’s inbuilt heart rate monitor.

Heart Watch breaks down all the heart rate data captured on your Apple Watch into a clear concise format. Get notified of concerns. Have an easy way to show your medical practitioner your history. Break out your regular heartbeat from your workouts and zoom into any areas you want to examine further.

Heart Watch splits your readings into waking, regular and workout to help you quickly and easily see what’s going on.


When you first put on your Apple Watch it will capture your heart rate straight away. We recommend that you flick into the heart rate glance and lie still in bed for a short while. This will give a much better indication as to your waking heartbeat.

Heart Watch will then track this and show the trend over the week, and over the last quarter. You don’t have to press any special buttons. It is all automatic.

For the time you are not waking and not working out, Heart Watch will analyse this as "regular" heartbeat. The benefit to you is that this is broken out from waking and workout data, therefore giving you a much more accurate picture of your heartbeat throughout the day.

When using your Apple Watch to record workouts, we analyse and compile all your heart rate data within a special workout section. This is then broken down further across each individual workout, letting you see each zone you have spent most time in.

Heart Watch is a colourful app. You can define how your heart rate is presented in a number of ways.

For regular time, your heart rate is charted in colours according to bpm range. You can set each bpm range as required.

For workouts, your heart rate is charted in colours according to your maximum percent. You can set each zone percentage as required.

You can configure notifications for the following scenarios.
– When heart rate exceeds a bpm value.

iOS 9

– When heart rate drops below a bpm value.
– A waking summary.


– A daily reminder to check how you’ve gone today.

NOTE: Due to your iPhone’s Health Store being encrypted, notifications can only be delivered when your iPhone is unlocked. This will happen in the background whenever you are using your iPhone in an unlocked state for any purpose, so in practice, you will be alerted as long as you regularly use your iPhone.




Heart Watch is very useful tool to get alerted about any possible health issues in a concise format that you can show your medical practitioner.

This app requires an iPhone that has the Health App installed. Heart readings are read from the Health Data Store which is ideally populated by your Apple Watch. You can also import heart rate readings from other sources and devices.

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